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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Baseless speculation. I'd like to see you try to prove that.

It is kind of amusing to me that we have people asserting that Dunn has been a better hitter than Konerko his whole career. That argument doesn't matter in the big picture, but I think it does show that hits, of all statistics, are undervalued in today's game.

On average, Konerko has gotten about 30 more hits per season than Dunn, and he's done that while striking out about 100 times less per year. For me, that means he's a better hitter.

There are certain measures by which Dunn has had a better career than Konerko, but I wouldn't say that's true overall. The fact that people believe that is evidence that walks are valued more than hits in modern baseball. That's a part of the FOBB philosophy that I disagree with. I'll take a hit over a walk.

Ask yourself, "With two outs in the bottom of the ninth and the winning run on second, who do I want at the plate? Konerko in his prime? Or Dunn in his prime?" For me, it's not even a question. Against a good pitcher, with the game on the line, I'll take Konerko every day over Dunn. He's just more likely to get a base hit.

That doesn't mean that Dunn doesn't have value. He does. He hits a lot of home runs. Will Dunn produce more than Konerko in 2014? Almost certainly. He produced more than Konerko last year. That said, I wouldn't be stunned if Konerko is a better value for the money in 2014.
Dunn has also averaged 43 more walks, 10 more XBH's and and 8 more HR's.

Originally Posted by shoota
I'm not counting this homerun or his 3 RBI from today's game because of the game situation. I'm not counting his pinch hit solo homerun in a blowout win in Colorado. In my book, Crede has 2 less home runs than his statistics show, 4 less RBI, and one less walk (the one where he pinch hit for Uribe after coming in with a 3-0 count and taking one pitch).
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