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I'm 27 years old and I'm pretty sure the White Sox have been a station-to-station team for my entire life. White Sox baseball has lots of 3-run homers when its good, and lots of strikeouts and double plays when its bad. Despite Podsednik doing all sorts of flashy stuff on the basepaths in 2005, the team that won the World Series was largely dependent on people hitting it out of the park. Station to station baseball is not inherently bad and has won multiple World Series in the last decade, much of it for teams named after footwear.

I continue to believe that the issue the White Sox face right now is that they chased the postseason in 2009, 2010, and 2011 and came up short. That would have been an excellent time to rebuild. Instead, a lot of top-line players either were traded after their value decreased or left via free agency instead.

There's no obvious long term strategy for the Sox. Drafting their way out of this mess will require years and years of intentionally being bad, something the fanbase will have no stomach for, and further is based on the assumption that the Sox have somehow improved their ability to identify and develop talent. Trading their way out of this mess is no longer possible, there is nothing of value. Signing their way out of this mess is likewise impossible given how hot the FA market is right now.

I do not see a light at the end of this tunnel. Yes, I know my own history about making such predictions, but surely I have never been more justified in saying that.
"Hope...may be indulged in by those who have abundant resources...but its nature is to be extravagant, and those who go so far as to stake their all upon the venture see it in its true colors only when they are ruined."
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