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I'm also glad they opened up the stadium at Gate 2 to let us warm up before the sale. I think last year when they tried to have fans enter the Scout Seat lounge was a mistake and they learned from it.

I always go to the clubhouse and garage sales so I'm kind of running out of things to buy and since I'm not into jerseys I usually go for the cheap items in the visitors clubhouse. The Total White Sox books were a great deal for $5 so we grabbed two. They also had plenty of bobbleheads and statues if anyone missed the giveaways this season. Some of the autographed balls in the home clubhouse were pretty overpriced, IMO.

The Sports Depot across the street had a 25% off everything in the store sale so I picked up a couple jersey shirts for $15 each. It's always nice to stop by the park, especially when I'm starting to miss baseball.
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