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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
No but sometimes you have to overpay at the end of a deal to get the prime years at a discount which, if Cano plays as he is projected to over the course of this contract, the Mariners will actually get a solid return on their investment:

It's also worth noting, I haven't seen how the dollars break down per year, but if he's making a straight $24 million per year every year, that also works out very heavily in Seattle's favor as $24 million won't be as valuable in 10 years as it is now.
He's already 31, the bulk of his prime years are past him. Once a player gets past 31, it is unpredictable when he will start to break down. For all we know, he might start a steep decline at 32. It's happened before. Just look at Adam Dunn. He might have many prime years ahead of him, but it is just as likely if not more so that he will break down early in this contract.

This is a dumb deal no matter how you look at it and I'm going to be laughing at the Mariners for the next decade.

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