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Originally Posted by balke View Post
I think the anger came from seeing how much he gave to the organization. He put butts in seats and tried his best to get out on that field. I would've liked a sympathy contract. The Sox had the money. Doesn't matter with that particular player if he didn't deserve it based on his ability at that point. He never made what he deserved before.

It also seemed like it was a Kenny decision based off his personal relationship with Frank. And at that point in his career, who the heck is Kenny Williams?
I understand that. I respect that, even though no one in baseball was willing to commit significant playing to and at least twice the major league minimum to Thomas because he was considered such a health risk. I respect that, even though the White Sox wouldn't have been able to afford Thome and Konerko in 2006 had they offered Thomas a contract.

What I find inconsistent is that the anger over not offering Thomas a 2006 contract seems equivalent to the anger over signing Konerko for 2014 at a fraction of what the White Sox had been paying him.
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