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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Yeah but Frank hit like 12 HR in just over 100 AB when the Sox were building their massive lead in June.
And yet, his career was so questionable by late July that after the White Sox let him go rather than pay him something like $8 million in 2006, he went to play for the A's for a base salary of something like $500,000. No team that could have used Thomas had enough faith in his future to offer him more. The White Sox would have had to pay him much more, and there were a lot of fans upset that they didn't long before anyone knew he would be healthy.

The Konerko signing for a fraction of his recent annual salries, for less money than he has made in at least a decade, isn't at all a bad one for the White Sox. He isn't a drain on the payroll and doesn't figure to be close to being the worst DH on the 2014 White Sox.
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