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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
How so? He plays the corner infield spots. For a utility infielder, you'd prefer somebody who can play up the middle. L. Garcia might be that guy, although he's going to have to hit a little better to make the team.

My sense is the organization wants to give Gillaspie another year to see if he grabs the starting 3B job. I don't know that I necessarily agree with that, but I just think that's the direction they are going. And it might be the best choice among limited options.

Earlier in this thread, I think people misread what the bench actually is right now. It's Konerko, Keppinger, JorDanks and Flowers/Phegley. If there is somebody who is blocking a younger player, it's Keppinger. Maybe the Sox can get him outta here to make room for L. Garcia, who has more speed and versatility.

As for Semien, I'm not sure what his position is going to be over the long haul, but I don't think it is 3B. He never played any 3B at all until last year, and predominantly, he's been a SS in his career. Even though I'm not a big Gillaspie fan, I'm not in love with the idea of putting Semien at 3B from Day 1 in the major leagues this year. Just not a real big fan of putting a kid at essentially a new defensive position while he's trying to learn how to hit in the majors. You can put him at SS or 2B, and he'd probably be comfortable, but if they want him to be the 3B, they should start him in Charlotte to get him some more work at that position.

I know there is an appetite here to see younger players on the big club, but they have to handle these guys properly. Their record is probably going to be below .500 again in 2014 anyway, so the highest priority is to do the right things in terms of developing guys they perceive as being part of the future.
I dont know if the Sox will trade Keppinger but hes on the team he will be playing somewhere, not a bench player. This type of Sox team wont be carrying a 4M a year bench player.
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