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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Wait, what? The Sox haven't had anyone hit for 30/100 since Konerko in 2011 and haven't had a lefty do it since Thome in '06.

I agree Dunn gets a lot of grief here, but let's not act like he doesn't deserve it. His oWAR in 3 seasons with the Sox is 0.5. Zero point five. He's contributed half of one win in 3 seasons with his bat (sort of important for a DH). And he has been absolutely miserable against left handed hitters so a straight Konkero/Dunn DH platoon actually doesn't bug me, I'm really more worried that Ventura won't be able to keep those guys to a schedule. I've got a bad feeling we're going to see Dunn and Konerko in the same lineup more than for an occasional day of rest for some other guys.
Why can't Garcia Dunn and Abrue rotate the DH? Again, why not try and get a different element like someone who can steal a base spell an outfielder without losing to much anywhere else or someone who can pinch run and grab the Sox a base?
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