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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Wait, you realize there was only 3 left-handed hitters in the AL last year who hit 30/100, right? The Sox are far from the only team that don't have one of those guys
Then that's an asset yes? And that's my point and you answered it. How many teams have that? Dunn overpaid? yes. Should he bat clean up? no (5th or 6th) Is Dunn useless no. He's has 1 bad non productive year with the Sox. Fans have every reason to be disapointed, but seriously Dunn has become the whipping boy of this team even though it really hasn't been all that horrible. He even made the All-Star team as a White Sox

BTW Dunn in 3 years 86 hr's
Konerko 3 years 69 hr's

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