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Originally Posted by ZombieRob View Post
And last year Konerko was the 3rd worst ranked player in Baseball. Also who is going to bat left on a team that really needs it? Dunn was by far the least of the Sox problems last year, in fact Konerko was a big part of the debacle last season. Do you think Konerko taking a Roster spot for 1 more year is going to help and teach the young kids? Can't he do that as an instructor or a coach?
I suspect that if Konerko plays April and May and is as horrible as last year, he might just retire for the sake of the team and to avoid further embarrassment (see Ken Griffey Jr in his last season). I highly doubt that he'll want to sit on the bench all year for no reason if he really is one of the very worst players in baseball (which I don't expect him to be).
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