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Frankly, the anger I've seen in this thread and elsewhere is completely unjustified. It would be one thing if the Sox were bringing back Konerko for purposes of making him the centerpiece of the lineup. That would be bad business, but that's not what they are doing. Konerko is not that centerpiece guy anymore. He recognizes that. As long as the Sox use him as part of a platoon with Dunn, there's a chance his presence could be beneficial for the team.

Furthermore, it's only $2.5 million. Who gives a ****? It's not like spending that money is going to limit the Sox in whatever other moves they intend to make this offseason. That's a drop in the bucket. Some are making it sound like this signing is going to hamstring the organization for years. I call bull**** on that. There are very few posters here who expect a contending team in 2014. What's the worse that can happen? Konerko makes a mediocre team bad? Or a bad team worse? So what? Quite a few of you guys are gung-ho about getting high draft picks over the course of the next couple years anyway. You might get your wish, regardless of what is going on with Konerko.

The only real legitimate complaint here is that Konerko's presence limits roster flexibility. It does. And even before the Konerko signing, the roster was too heavy on infielders and too light on outfielders. For that reason, I would be very surprised if the offseason passes without a significant trade being made, likely involving one of the incumbent middle infielders, a starting pitcher, or perhaps even Adam Dunn. Also, Hahn needs to get Keppinger outta here. He serves little purpose.

I'll wait and see what other moves are in the offing before I pass judgment on Hahn's offseason. The winter meetings haven't even started yet.
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