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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Until we can finally end the debacle of the Dunn era- PK should be the DH vs. LHPs- as bad a year as he had in 2013- these were his stats vs. lefties-

.313 BA
.398 OBP
.525 SLG
.923 OPS

Dunn vs. LHPs:

.197 BA
.296 OBP
.385 SLG
.681 OPS

If we can trade/dump Dunn- then he's full time DH for his final year
While I'm not happy with clogging up the roster spot with a DH type, it's not like a it's a high $$ deal. And if Konerko can bounce back and play mostly against LHP, it could turn out to be (gasp) good for the team.

And if Dunn plays just against RHP (28HR, .762 OPS last year) it could increase his value before the trade deadline as well.

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