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Originally Posted by kobo View Post

That's how you determined the season was over? Not the crappy lineup, lack of bullpen arms or no prospects ready to make the move to the big league club? Keeping Ventura is what is going to keep this team from competing next year. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
Yes, because that situation isn't correctable. They have said he's coming back. So we have a manager who wasn't qualified for the job in the first place and showed in 2 years he's way, way over his head.
The Sox still have time to make moves and deals to address personnel issues. But now they bring back Konerko, when he fills no need at all, furthers my position that the 2014 season will be punted and devoted to young players and development. And I hope that's their intent - because if they actually are trying to win, yet keep Ventura and sign Konerko, then we're in trouble.
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