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Originally Posted by Danryan View Post
I respectfully disagree with my fellow Sox fans. I think of no scenario the Sox are better team with Adam Dunn in the lineup, starting the first game of the year. You can rationalize the numbers, but there isn't any team that would not walk to get to him in a critical situation. So I think he should be the first to be traded, even if the Sox had to eat some money. This would send a message that they are committed to winning this year.
What exactly are they going to win by trading Adam Dunn? There are more problems on this team than just Adam Dunn. The White Sox are not the Red Sox; they cannot and will not be able to make enough moves this offseason to compete next season. Not going to happen. And that's not the direction they should be going in. They need to address not only the major league roster but the farm system and trying to go for it again next year is only going to lead to more of the same problems. I'm tired of watching a .500 team try to 'compete' because the bull-headed GM thinks he can catch lightning in a bottle every year. It's time for a new approach, one that tries to address the issues this team faces and build for the future. I'd much rather support a team that knows it is in a transitional period and is working to get better rather than being fed the same **** about trying to win it all every single year.
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