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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Why would Milwaukee have interest in either of these trades? Jim Henderson showed he was good enough as a closer, at least as good as Reed, and maybe better. DeAza for them is basically Aoki - they have a glut of outfielders and do not need another. Also, they may shift Aoki to first because they have a gaping hole there. Most significantly, Lucroy is under an extremely affordable contract through 2017, and has turned into perhaps a top-5 catcher in baseball. They also don't really have a need for Santiago, already having Lohse, Peralta, Gallardo, and Estrada, with several young players to compete for a 5th starter spot.

The trade proposals on WSI often seem to not really analyze the trade from the perspective of the other team. These would be disaster trades for Milwaukee.
Disaster? Really?

Let me start by saying that I would not deal Lucroy if I were the Brewers. But there have been some trade rumors about Lucroy, as this Brewers fan site discussed last July:

And as for Reed and Santiago, you undervalue both of them. Reed is a huge upgrade on journeyman Jim Henderson. And you don't think that the Brewers could use a lefty starter with some upside? That Brewers rotation is pretty weak. Gallardo is top notch, Loshe is serviceable but 35. And the other two starters, Peralta and Estrada, are OK, I supposes. You say that DeAza and Aoki are a wash, so take them out. That leaves a proposed deal of a top closer and a promising lefty starter for a good hitting catcher.

That is not unreasonable and hardly a disaster.
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