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Little history: Luke Appling drew three votes in his first year of eligibility. Under the modern rules he would have been off the ballot for good, to be considered years down the road by the Veterans Committee. I can see the modern Chicago media having fun with that one.

"Appling? Get serious! He was awful in the clubhouse, griped, groaned and complained all the time. I will list Appling's 10 worst moments with the White Sox. And I'm a Sox fan saying this"-Paul Sullivan (while he crosses his fingers and hides his Cub hat behind his back.)

"Three votes? He got that many? Those must be White Sox fans, because only those *ugh* *phew* people would vote for THAT guy"-Phil Arvia

"I'll use the Ben Chapman rule. Does Ben Chapman deserve a vote? Then neither does the irrelevant Appling." *sneer* *sneer* *sneer*-Dan McGrath
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