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Originally Posted by TommyJohn View Post
Unfortunately, some of the guys casting votes have no brains. All it takes is 26% or more to pooh-pooh his DH status and that will be all she wrote.
You're right, of course, but I'm still going to call attention to the idiocy of those casting the votes.

The DH has been around 40 years now. It's here to stay. It's a position that teams have had to fill for a long time. The purists lost that argument long ago, although apparently many of them haven't noticed. Why shouldn't the best DHs in history be in the Hall of Fame? Sure, all they do is hit. There are some guys in the Hall who didn't do anything except pitch. So what?

I'm sure the purists also are unaware that Thomas played first base predominantly during his two MVP seasons. The DH extended his career, but there are a lot of guys who change positions late in their career in order to keep playing. I don't know why that should be a strike against Thomas.

And even if voters aren't impressed with the compiled statistics, Frank was so dominant from 1991 to 1997 that he deserves to be elected on those years alone. And those are years where he played more 1B than DH.
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