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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The more I read about it the more I worry Frank's not being inducted in 2014.
I wrote a blog about this yesterday. I can't believe it's even a debate. How can somebody not vote for Frank Thomas for the Hall of Fame? He has first-rate credentials.

People say he's one-dimensional, but the Hall is already full of one-dimensional players. They are called pitchers. Neither Tom Seaver nor Nolan Ryan could hit water if they fell out of a boat. I don't know that either man was considered a great fielder either. But who cares? They are among the greatest pitchers of all time, therefore they went into the Hall as soon as they were eligible.

Frank is one of the greatest hitters of all time. Why should it matter if he wasn't great with the leather? He's a lifetime .301 hitter with over 500 career homers. The list of players who have accomplished that is very short, and it includes names like Aaron, Mays and Ruth.

Frank is an absolute no-brainer.
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