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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
For those of you keeping score, Jose's fastball rated at 17.6 Runs above average, meaning that he saved about 17 runs with that fastball.
If you're using this to talk about the effectiveness of the pitch instead of how good the pitch is on it's own, then that's alright. But if it's to show that the pitch is a good fastball, then this is a poor, uneducated use of the statistic. Pitch quality merits happen in a vaccuum, based on movement/location/command. They are not based on production because production is a factor of every other pitch the player throws. If you're basing the quality of a pitch based on anything but the pitch itself in a vacuum, you have no understanding on how to evaluate a pitch. A 97 mph fastball with good control/command is a good pitch. The 91 mph four seamer that Quintana throws for the bulk of his fastballs is batting practice quality based on stuff. It is effective due to other facts (hiding the ball, having a large repertoire, etc.) that have nothing to do with the quality of his fastball. It's effective, but it's still not a plus pitch. Chris Sale's fastball is a plus pitch.

It's why I keep saying Quintana is more of a crafty pitcher. He relies on deception, and command of several pitches with none of them being exceptional. Once all of that isn't working for him perfectly, it's going to fall apart (with various results based on how much he maintains). He doesn't have the stuff to succeed without it at a high level. Sure, he might end up being Buehrle and never losing it. But most of the time, guys like him end up being back end starters for their careers.

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