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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Didn't somebody already post that Quintana's fastball, for example, was a Top 10 fastball in the AL last year? There's more to pitching than just reaching back and throwing as hard as you can, dude.
They based it off something that doesn't base it off of stuff, just effectiveness (which is not how you rate a fastball, or any pitch for that matter). A lot more than how good a pitch is goes into the stat that was brought up, including but not limited to deception, timing of usage/count, other pitches in at get the point. Jose's fastball is effective for reason beyond the talent, because the talent is not all that great. If you told a scout that Jose's fastball was in that top half of starters, that scout would laugh at you.

I know people are going to jump on that out of ignorance, but think of it this way: If a guy had the best fastball in baseball, but only threw that pitch, would he be effective? No. Does he have a better fastball than Quintana? Yes. They are two different things entirely.
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