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Originally Posted by BleacherBandit View Post
I don't understand why we obsess over trading Sale considering most rumors are user-generated and entirely speculative.

Sale is a top of the rotation starter with no earnest projections that his longevity is questionable. Even if you were to trade him for some equivalent offensive talent (considering a metric that could make such a judgement exists) like Puig, it would just improve one facet of our team at the expensive of another. Our scouting has either been fairly good or exceedingly lucky at acquiring and/or developing pitching talent, which is good. Why can't we seem to develop any projectable outfield talent? That's a seemingly easier gamble to make than doing the same with pitching.
The answer to your question on why the offensive talent doesn't develop is simple. During the KW era, the Sox drafted players almost exclusively based upon their overall athletic ability as opposed to a specific baseball skillset that the player may have possessed. I understand the idea behind drafting that way, but in practice it turned into a disaster.
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