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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
What are the rules in regards to Arbitration 1-2-3.....I know its 1-2-3 in a sense of years but how about those listed at pre-arb?

What does PRE-ARB mean? Is it usually 1yr/650k ?
Russ did a pretty good job explaining them, pre-arb years the player is basically at the mercy of the team, I don't know how many rights players have in pre-arb years other than some very moderate pay minimums.

For example, Beckham's 3 pre-arb seasons, his salary was:

2010: $445,000
2011: $485,000
2012: $520,000

Time is based on "service time." Basically, everyday that a player is on his team's 25-man, active roster counts as 1 day of service. A full MLB season is 180 days. This is why some teams choose to not bring up and coming blue chip prospects right away, to postpone their service clock from starting.
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