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Originally Posted by WhiteSoxNation View Post
What are the rules in regards to Arbitration 1-2-3.....I know its 1-2-3 in a sense of years but how about those listed at pre-arb?

What does PRE-ARB mean? Is it usually 1yr/650k ?
Each player gets 3 arbitration years before he becomes a free agent, except for super-two, which a few players get to arbitration early and have 4 arbitration years.

It's basically a count, but each year is a potential for a substantial raise, especially if a player has a really good season. Most players come to an agreement for the Arb year contract before there is a hearing.

Pre-Arb is during player's first 3 big league offseasons. Pre-Arb players are tendered a contract with a small raise either before or during spring training.
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