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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The reason stated about keeping Ramirez because of Abreu did occur to me and may be a reason to keep him but conversely it could be a reason to get rid of him. Not all countrymen get along.

I like you think about past history of Sox moves and am aware of the Looie trade in 70. I doubt the current Sox management are aware of these moves from years ago or use them in factoring their current moves.

Ramirez is at least 32, his best days are behind him and his biggest pay days are the next 2 years. Also I really dont think Ramirez will be a factor in the Sox gaining competitiveness. That will be down the line, not anytime soon.
If there is a personality class between Abreu and Ramirez, obviously Ramirez is going to go. Abreu signed for the money, but he also signed knowing Ramirez was on the team. Ramirez and Abreu have some unique common background, that you wouldn't necessarily have among two players from Puerto Rico or Venezuela because the Cuba situation is so unique.

My reference to Roland Hemond wasn't meant to imply that the current front office should be learn specifically from the successes and failures of White Sox past, the way the strategy of previous military battles are studied at West Point. It was directed more at fans understanding front office objectives. It's a basic concept that if you are trading players, you do so to improve your team. It isn't a matter of throwing a bunch of deals against a metaphorical wall to see what sticks.
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