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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Ramirez had an awful season, and I believed from the outset that not having a true backup shortstop was a major factor. Angel Sanchez ostensibly made the team because he would back up Ramirez, but he was injured early after only appearing at second base, replacing Beckham when he went down in the first road game of the season. Offensively, Ramirez wasn't so bad. His home runs were at a career low while his doubles were at a career high. He was striking out less, so I really don't have a problem with that. I don't believe the way he played shortstop in 2013 represented how well he can play shortstop. On a team where he doesn't have to play shortstop every day, which I truest the 2014 White Sox will be, I think he will be better defensively.

And with Abreu coming to the White Sox, I don't see the Sox getting rid of Ramirez unless the two clash. Abreu might even have a good effect on Ramirez. I'm hoping he has a good effect on both Ramirez and Viciedo.

I have always had the feeling that Santiago is destined to be the odd man out. He seems to have some potential as both a starter and a quality reliever, and throwing left handed enhances his value. There may be teams believing they can get more out of him than the White Sox are.

I don't think Reed or Jones are going anywhere. I don't believe the White Sox could get back for them what they were bring to the team. Dealing players is about improving your team. When Roland Hemand dealt players after the 1970 season, he made a lot of moves, some good moves, but if he hadn't traded Aparicio for Alvarado and Andrews, the White Sox might have had enough to beat out the A's in 1972 two years after being the worst team in baseball.

It looks like the White Sox did that in trading Peavy, which surprised me. The only other starter I could see being dealt would be Santiago. I don't believe trading any of the other starters (unless they get back pitching which would be a surprise) would add more than it would subtract. And unless you are going to go longer with your starting rotation, I don't see the Sox getting better by trading Reed or Jones.
The reason stated about keeping Ramirez because of Abreu did occur to me and may be a reason to keep him but conversely it could be a reason to get rid of him. Not all countrymen get along.

I like you think about past history of Sox moves and am aware of the Looie trade in 70. I doubt the current Sox management are aware of these moves from years ago or use them in factoring their current moves.

Ramirez is at least 32, his best days are behind him and his biggest pay days are the next 2 years. Also I really dont think Ramirez will be a factor in the Sox gaining competitiveness. That will be down the line, not anytime soon.
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