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Originally Posted by kba View Post
I was really surprised to see McConnell announcing two entire games on Sportsvision in 1983. I always remembered Hawk and Drysdale as the TV crew in those days, with McConnell and Early Wynn doing mainly radio. Did they flip that for some games in '83? Was the "A team" moved to radio because the radio audience was bigger than the Sportsvision audience?
This is only a guess. Don Drysdale did quite a few games for ABC back then (Monday Night Baseball). The Sox also had Lorn Brown to do fill-in work on the radio side. On the nights that Drysdale worked for the network, they may have moved McConnell (and sometimes Wynn) to the tv side, giving Hawk the night off, and allowing Lorn Brown to do the radio call on his own (or with Wynn). It would be interesting to look up the dates of those two 1983 games and see if they fell on Monday nights.
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