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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Really? Funny...all I read about here is how thin the minor league system is and the numerous holes that are needed to be filled before this team is competitive again.
That seems to be the prevailing view.

Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Maybe it's just a vocal minority that thinks we're competing soon. Every time I hear about one of our young pitchers and rotation depth, I feel like people need a reality check.
As someone who thinks the Sox will get better more quickly than people think, let me say this: pitching is the hardest commodity to acquire and/or develop and it is the most important building block of a successful team. Can you think of a world championship team that didn't have three or four top starting pitchers? Actually, most have at least four. While I concede that pitching depth alone won't turn the Sox around, pitching is a very important component of cobbling together a winning team.

Free agency makes it possible to fill holes among the position players much more quickly than in the days before free agency, of that there is no doubt.

In short, Rick Hahn is off to a good start. But the Sox have more work to do.
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