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Originally Posted by Rocky Soprano View Post
Recap for those of us who are not ESPN Insider's?
Not anything we don't already know of; spot's there, Reinsdorf is loyal, and Reinsdorf says he wants to be better than last year. Talked about the difficulty in finding a spot, because of Dunn and Viciedo both likely DH candadites. Basically says they'd have to eat Dunn's deal for there to be a spot. Talks on platoon DH, but says it's pretty unheard of to carry two DH types. Guess he hasn't been watching the White Sox post 2005...

Interesting to note this comment from Olney "In October, the White Sox won the bidding for first baseman Jose Abreu for a whopping $68 million, a significant investment for an organization that, in the eyes of other teams, is thin in talent." Definitely not the attitude on roster talent we have on this site.
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