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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I figure our rotation for the next 3 years looks something like this:
  1. Sale
  2. TBD (need to develop or trade/sign)
  3. Quintana
  4. E. Johnson or Santiago
  5. Danks (untradeable contract)
Unless trading Quintana plugs a hole we have at 3rd/Catcher/CF- where we don't really have anyone on their way through the farm system- I'd keep him- vs. creating a hole in the rotation.

I wouldn't trade him a for a generic group of prospects- only if it solves one of those specific needs with a major league ready player.
Ugh. I'd hope that if Quintana is here in three years, by then he'd be in the 4 or 5 slot.

Danks' deal is untradeable now. If he continues to not produce, he probably won't be in the rotation in three years. If he shows anything...he'll likely get moved (though we'd still pick up money). I don't think he'll be in our rotation in three years either way.