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It's nice to see Mitchell have some success, the guy has endured quite a bit these last few years. Definitely at least puts him on the radar for next year, considering the #4 OF on the team right now is still probably Jordan Danks, yeah, there could be room for him. I don't put too much stock in these AFL hitting numbers, remember Beckham and Flowers absolutely tore up the AFL in their years playing there and the two have combined to produce jack **** in the Majors.

I'm more encouraged about Bassitt who is starting to feel like the next out of nowhere MiLB break-out pitcher from the Sox farm system. Between him and Chris Beck, it looks like the Sox have a nice little pipeline of high level pitching prospects developing. So that is good to see, as well.

Overall, I think the Sox farm system right now has a decent amount of guys who have realistic shots to be productive players in the Majors, we just continue to lack potential superstars. Hopefully Garcia and Abreu live up to their potential, because that will take a lot of pressure off the Sox's minor leagues to produce one.

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