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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I guess- but young, quality pitching under control for a few more years- is a great way to free up payroll to go after other holes where your farm system can't help (like 3rd base and catcher)-if we're trading 24 year old LHPs who have 2 solid seasons behind them- then we're in complete rebuild mode- and based on JR's and Hahn's comments over the past few days- that's not their strategy.
Based on their actions, I think they are in complete rebuild and not saying it. They dumped what they could and have put everything else out there. They've only been spending on prospects. It's pretty clear this is a rebuild.

Even if it wasn't a complete overhaul, Quintana will be in his second year of arbitration at the earliest the next time we're sniffing the division. And he's probably not the type of guy you want to pay long term. If you trade him now, you can get something fairly decent for him. Perhaps another lineup piece.