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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Danks isn't a 5th starter. He's a 3 starter pitching poorly, mostly because of gopher balls. Johnson doesn't have a 5th starter ceiling.
Santiago - again we'll see. He struggles with walks and his K rate fell his last few starts. And don't forget our bullpen...after Jones, Reed and to be kind Lindstrom, those guys were rancid. Troncoso,'s impossible for us to have pitchers that bad again.
You really think the Sox will trade Quintana? For what - minor leaguers, or a hitter?
Danks isn't a fifth starter, he's a guy that shouldn't be starting that's going to be in the fifth starter role because of the money he makes.

Santiago's K rate fell every month he pitched, but his pitch locations and velocity stayed the same. There's a really good piece on this...I think it was on BP...where they showed that Santiago wasn't regressing due to anything physical but is rather falling back to his abilities.

It's not impossible for us to have a bad pen again. What, you think we're going out and spending $30 million on a new pen?

Yes...I think they'll sell high on Quintana and find a taker. He's not as good as his year was last year, talent wise at least. He's a pretty good bet to regress at least a bit.