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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
Johnson was rated as a B or B- prospect, which indicates higher than 5th starter ceiling. I don't see how anyone can seriously claim he has a 5th starter ceiling. Santiago was rated C+ by Sickels, according to him "projects as 3rd or 4th starter if 3rd pitch develops." Danks was obviously rated higher than a fifth starter.

As for Quintana, I see what you mean now...
A grade of B or B- is subjective, as it's only one person's opinion (Sickels I'm assuming), and isn't relevant to ceiling, but rather a combination of ceiling and readiness. Sickels is notorious for rating guys higher that are ready (with a guy like Keith Law on the other end of the spectrum, valuing ceiling more). In general, though, you don't see guys of grade B becoming stars very often, and most guys would consider a B- startering pitcher prospect a 5/6 guy.

Sickels didn't say Santiago was a 3/4, he outlined a situation where he could become one. He probably also banked on him being able to control some of his pitches.