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Billy Williams is walked intentionally to get to Ernie Banks, and it works.

Contrary to myth, MLB players really didn't bunt that well back then, either.

Had to be one of the sloppiest pitched no-hitters ever.

Cubs pitcher Larry Jackson is allowed to bat in the 9th inning of a 0-0 game in which is team is being no-hit.

The closed batting stance -- common back then -- has rightly fallen out of favor. Lots of guys were swinging with all arms, not getting their hips open.

Jack Brickhouse is just as annoyingly excitable as my Cub-hating dad always claimed.

The Hamm's bear inspired my earliest interest in beer. Today's FCC wouldn't allow the use of cartoon characters in ads for an adult product.

The production values on other commercials are endearingly awful.

Public address announcer Pat Piper introducing pinch hitter Jim Stewart: "Attention. Attention please." I'll never forget that voice.

Pretty sure I saw this game when it aired live.

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