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Originally Posted by balke View Post
The team won't be fully "legit" for a couple of years. Let's tinker further:

SS Ramirez
CF De Aza
RF Garcia
LF Abreu
DH Konerko
1B Dunn
3B Viciedo
2B Beckham
C Phegley

Play around with L. Garcia and maybe a good free agent to bolster the lineup and boom it's 2003 again:

CF Everett
2B Valentin
DH Thomas
RF Ordonez
1B Konerko
LF Lee
3B Crede
SS Jimenez
C Olivo
It's 2003 defensively perhaps. (I think you have Valentin and Jiminez backwards re position, fwiw).
How could we possibly even consider making this defense worse. I get ill thinking of De Aza in CF again; and if we add Dunn...there's absolutely no reason we should do that or have to to that. Just go sign Chris YOung or someone for a year or 2...won't cost much.
And it's not like we have THAT much time to fix this. We just signed a FA first baseman. Sale is in his prime. We can't dick around for too long. We need to make upward progress this season.
Playing Dunn in LF so we can "honor" Konerko is counterproductive.
Sign Salty, make some minor moves to get a CF and maybe a 3B in here. Bring in a reliever. Try to dump Dunn; maybe move Beckham (probably still has some value); try to get something for Alexei. Listen on everyone, but don't automatically trade a pitcher because we may have one in excess and certainly don't give away Santiago. De Aza and Viciedo playing LF and doing some DH will work...won't hurt actually having a hitter on the bench for a change.