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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah, but you can also flip that and point out the offense was collectively about as awful as possible. Even the worst of teams are usually more offensively proficient than the 2013 Sox, so it's likely there will be some movement toward the middle, there as well.

I also don't see many responses in this thread that seem to be from people who expect the Sox to be very good next year, but that doesn't mean we have to give away at bats to Konerko who was about as awful of a player in the AL last year.
Oh no doubt. I just think they'll cancel each other out mostly. And of course this is contingent on no big pickups.

Konerko was terrible last year, but so was Dunn. And there's a lot of different arguments...Dunn's batting average was worse, Paulie's OPS is worse...that's why I'm relying on WAR here. Overall, they were both pretty bad according to WAR (which takes both into account). And Paulie was about a game worse (a little more). But to a team like we're going to field...there's really no difference in the choice. So why not bring back the guy you'd rather have based on other things? He's been here longer, is well liked by the fan base, and is the last remaining player from our World Series title. me, unless you're going out and trading for Billy Butler to DH long term, this seems like an obvious move.