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Originally Posted by Rocky Soprano View Post
Thanks for the memories but no thanks. It is time to part ways.
For those wanting to see a farewell tour, at what costs are you willing to see this? Yes, the Sox are not going to contend next year but I rather they try and field the best team possible. PK was atrocious last year, worse than Adam Dunn. What happens if you bring him back and he has another bad year? It's okay for PK to be horrible at the plate but not for Dunn?

I hope he retires and then the Sox can schedule a few celebrations.
Dunn has been the whipping boy and somewhat unfairly so. For 68 mil Abreu better be with the team opening day. It's time for him to get his Harley and retire to the broadcast booth. It's time to develop players and Konerko would just get in the way.