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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
If he retires, I am ok with that. I don't want to see PK play in another city for another team his last year. While it is not ok for him to be awful at the plate, I'd rather see him do it than Dunn. Dunn hasn't played first for 14 years.

I understand both sides, but I think (much like last year) we can afford to pay a guy $7 mil for a vet that has '05 ties. That might not be smart business, but it does play well for the fans. Most casual fans would rather see a PK farewell tour than have a new guy at 1st that no one knows.
I didn't want to see Frank play for another city and it happened. I know the situations are different but nonetheless watching a fan favorite play on another team happens all the time.

IF we could get rid of Dunn then I would be all for Konerko staying but Dunn is not going anywhere. This team, as it currently stands, does not have room for Konerko. If he stays, I wont be upset and I really hope they don't pay him anywhere close to the $ 7MIL. $ 2-3 MIL tops. If he thinks he is worth more then that, let him taste free agency.