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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
One thing everyone has failed to mention so far is that Turner Field wasn't built for the Braves, it was built for the 96 Summer Olympics. After the Olympics they had to convert it to use it as a baseball stadium. Building a new stadium now give the Braves the ability to design the stadium they way they want and cut back on the number of seats.
Actually, it was designed from the beginning so that it would be immediately converted to a baseball-only park immediately after the Olympics, which makes this decision all the more bizarre. I wonder if USOC had known the Braves would want to bolt after 17 years if they would have made such a huge accommodation. As it was, IOC and USOC officials weren't thrilled with the design concept, but it wasn't a major disruption to the Olympics. If I'm Atlanta civic officials, I'm more upset with the fact that it can't be used as a multi-sport stadium. Ah well, IOC money built it, so who the hell cares, right?
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