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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
I hope that he takes the same approach that the Red Sox did;enough with all this rebuilding crap. Teams like the Cubs, Royals,Twins,Padres,and ect have been rebuilding for years just to see some of their players get moved just as they start getting good because they don't want to pay the going rate. Hell the White Sox have only been to the World Series 3 times since 1919 so rebuild as you go and start looking at things in a positive way. The Red Sox were supposed to be old and finished and they won it all.
There's lot's of 'luck' that goes into winning a world series, don't forget.

I used to think, though, that a complete rebuild was needed for this team and anything less was just digging this organization into a deeper hole. The lack of success of our top draft picks and the sputtering out of Alexei and Viciedo and Dunn and whoever else do make you wonder about the orginazitions philosophy/comptence. However, now I tend to agree with your assessment that it's just as unrealstic to think you can execute the perfect world series ground-up rebuild team as it is to make do with what you have and build a contender on the fly. In reality, it's always a mixture of both ways of thinking isn't it?

I think if Hahn et all are serious about building a consistent contender, they'll show it by making bold moves in the coach/manager/front office area in the near future.

As for signing McCann, that should not happen. Total waste of 100 mil or more and I don't see how you can make a deal like that look worth it for any teams other than the Yankee's, Red Sox, Rangers, etc who have cash to burn, relatively speaking.
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