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Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
Since the voting is done by the BBWAA, I won't be surprised if Frank goes in on year two. Frank and the media was a volatile mix.

However due to the steroids mess with other players, that could be the thing that pushed him in on year 1.
It was writers who awarded Thomas with two MVPs, though. He didn't get the award in 2000, as he should have, but I was surprised that Albert Belle, who finished third, didn't get any first-place votes in 1994 (Ken Griffey Jr. and Kenny Lofton split the four first place votes that Thomas didn't get).

Ted Williams went in on the first ballot, and Williams' autobiography documents the problems he had with the writers. Of course, he was Ted Williams. For awhile, I thought questioned whether Thomas would get in on the first ballot because he had those down years at t6he end. For years if you look at his 1990s numbers, he was Ted Williams (the baseball player, not the Korean War fighter pilot with John Glenn as a wingman), but Thomas didn't come close to hitting .300 after 2000. He wasn't the same player after his injury.

The five-year waiting period might sometimes seem silly, but I think it has given the Hall of Fame voters a chance to appreciate what Thomas brought to the game. It isn't just about reflection, but the context of steroids revelations that make Thomas look increasing more worthy.
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