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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
I think Saltalamacchia may be pursued. We need a catcher and a lefty bat.
I agree. Catcher is arguably the #1 need and Saltalamacchia was not given a qualifying offer by Boston which means Hahn's draft pick would be protected. The Sox only have $53 million on the books for 2013. Even after arb raises, it still will be quite low so there is room for one more moderate to big free agent signing. Saltalmacchia seems to fit a need. He is 29 years old so he could still be productive when the team is competitive again and there is literally no catching in the farm system so that position will either be filled via trade or free agency. There are some downsides to Salty though. While he is a switch hitter, he is far better right handed than left handed. Also, some have pegged him as an average defender at best. However, he is light years better than anything we have and would give us some much needed production from that position. I have a feeling Hahn will be kicking the tires on Salty this offseason.
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