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Originally Posted by SoxandtheCityTee View Post
To anyone who knows, how do these team-owned networks like YES fill up their content when they don't have ball games to air? Is it all re-runs of sports events they own the rights to, or what? I've wondered that. If you have to go buy or license or create content beyond the ball games, that would seem to eat into the profits, yet you always hear that these networks are hugely profitable to the team.
Originally Posted by asindc View Post
In this area, MASN airs almost all the local teams aside from the 'skins. They also air college sports, both local and national, and have local sports talk shows. I know YES does the same, and adds the Italian Serie A to their lineup as well.
Yup, and dont forget Yankeeography and the Talk Shows. The NYC "Fan" broadcast with Francesa runs for 5 hrs.. NESN is BoSox based with Bruins, Celtics and college hockey, BC, BU Football etc... They've got their Yap Gurus, Callahan and Co with a bitch fest as well.

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