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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
If you believe that, I believe you're missing Steelrod's point.

Obviously, most owners of sports franchises, investors in sports franchises hope to make a profit, but I'm sure there are years without dividends. The White Sox haven't placed profit above efforts to field a completive team, as the Cubs could be accused of doing. Maybe you build a winner by trading for young talent. Maybe you get fans excited about the future that young talent promises, which most often goes unfulfilled when teams trade for young talent. But I don't know that the motivation is building a winner so much as maximizing profit, which also happens when you trade for young talent.

If the White Sox were all about profit, they wouldn't have signed Dunn. It didn't increase ticket sales, even before fans came to think of him as a bust. I don't know that signing Abreu has been a profitable move, although if he fulfills his promise, the team will be more profitable. There have been some bad baseball decisions, but every team that tries to be competitive makes some bad business decisions.

You can be cynical about White Sox management and about the lack of a competitive team on the field, but if the White Sox were only about profit, they could have lost 99 games with a much smaller payroll.
If anything, I think White Sox management has been rather penny wise and dollar foolish in the last decade or so by not spending money on the draft and amateur talent. Trading for established veterans and signing free agents seems a more expensive tactic in the end.
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