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Originally Posted by beasly213 View Post
I get what you're saying here, and I get the idea behind it, that another generation of kids will grow up White Sox fans like they did Cub fans when the Cubs were on the WGN when they were growing up..

But times are different now, kids have way more entertainment options then they used to, and I dont see kids coming home from school and sitting in front of the TV to watch White Sox baseball. With most cable packages carrying the MLB network, kids growing up who are big baseball fans are going to flock to the teams that are actually really good and have big stars. It's much easier to follow an out of market team now than it has ever been.

I wouldn't be against the Sox having more games on WGN simply because I think they have a better production than Comcast does. But as others have said in this thread I believe the Sox get more money from their Comcast deal than they would WGN.
WGN production is way better than Comcast. I sometimes wonder if Comcast is ran by a high school AV club. Their production quality is piss poor.
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