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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The Giants have also drawn well in the new park.

And I still think the A's problem is the Coliseum moreso than anything else.

The nonsensical argument I was referring to is that there is just so much more to do in the state of California that makes teams not draw well. Everyone but the A's draws fine.
St. Louis has 300,000 and sells out 40,000 people a night. Atlanta has 400,000 people and sells over 30,000 people a night. Those numbers are consistent, win or lose, and represent a tremendous percentage of the population.

By comparison, Oakland is twice as large as St. Louis and draws in a good year while the Giants are down what we draw in a bad year (for example, see this year). In a best case scenario they draw what we do in our worst case scenario. That is not an area that can sustain two teams, and it's not just because of population. It's because the population isn't, for whatever reason, as interested in baseball as other regions of the country.
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