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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
As silly as it is for San Francisco to claim San Jose is there's when they both obviously share support in that area, moving the A's to San Jose is also silly and just a short term solution. The San Fran/Oakland/San Jose area is not large enough to support two major league teams. An out of market move would be a much better solution.
It isn't silly at all for the Giants to claim San Jose. The A's, in writing, granted the Giants territorial rights to San Jose. The bonds the Giants sold to build their stadium were secured with the understanding that San Jose was part of the Giants' territory.

Suggesting the Bay Area is not large enough to support two major league teams, however, does seem silly in the context of Major League Baseball, considering that the Giants outdrew the Cubs and the A's outdrew the White Sox this year.

Candlestick probably wouldn't be a much greater hardship than the coliseum in Oakland, whatever it's called in any given week. Even at AT&T, though, you often have to bring a blanket for night games in July.
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