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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You don't think your point of view is insulting to people who work on the internet?

Let me tell you, I have lots of friends who are journalists. Most work on the internet now, and almost all of them have blogs. The one that still works in print for a Chicago newspaper is EMBARRASSED that it's the only work he can find. I know that in your time things were different, but today working in print is not something to aspire to. Print is dying, and it's not only because the internet exists. It's because of who controls the print.
I shouldn't respond, but I was responsible for posting Internet stories at two newspapers and subordinate in the task at another. I hold the Internet to the same standards I hold newspapers, radio and television. My views are offensive only to people who lack ethical standards.

If you want to get into a discussion about why print is dying and who is killing it and who is benefitting from the death of serious journalism, there are political aspect that would require such a discussion be held elsewhere.
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