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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
That's just when they lose exclusive rights to negotiate with him, I believe after the '05 season, Paulie and the Sox didn't reach an agreement until after the same deadline had passed.

That said, I will be FLOORED if Konerko is back with the Sox next season. There is seriously no reason for it to happen.
You're right about 2005. The Angels (or maybe it was the Dodgers or D-Backs?) were about to ink a deal with him when Uncle Jerry made a last minute offer to Paulie to keep him here.

This time, I don't think there would be many bidders for his services if he goes on the open market. I agree there is no rationale baseball reason for him to come back, but that's not to say the Sox won't give him a victory lap if they think they can dispose of Dunn mid-season (I don't expect Abreu to come north with the team in April, he needs some exposure to American baseball at Charlotte before joining the mid-season if he's ready).

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