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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Corey Seager, the Dodgers first round pick in 2012, put up equally bad numbers last year in high A ball. Of course, Seager didn't start out the year in Cucamonga.

It's way too early to call Hawkins a bust but what is unnerving is that the White Sox have shown a consistent inability to develop young, raw talent like Hawkins. The Sox draft great athletes and just seem to hope that their athleticism will be good enough to get them through the minors to the majors. Sometimes we draft guys like Josh Fields who are talented enough to do well in the minors and get exposed in a big way in the majors, other times we get guys like Jared Mitchell (who didn't even play baseball full time until his junior year of high school).

Even though Hawkins was hitting well in rookie league, he still struck out five times for every walk and had a similar ratio in a limited stay in Kanny. That was going to be exploited and higher levels and will continue to be. But as Daver has frequently pointed out, the White Sox promote guys who can hit, other skills be damned.
I did actually say earlier in the thread that it was still early with Hawkins.

Food for thought: the link the thread is about admits there are divergent opinions on Hawkins, and even links to Baseball Prospectus, where they say Hawkins isn't even on the prospect radar.
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